Vasil Sharlanov


Vasil Sharlanov Head of Walltopia Design and Architecture department

Vasil Sharlanov graduated as a Master of Architecture from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia, Bulgaria. He also studied in Fay Jones School of Architecture in the US.
Since 2006 Vasil has been actively involved in designing various residential, public and industrial buildings and has professional experience in both Bulgaria and USA. Vasil joined Walltopia in 2012 as an architect and soon after was promoted to Head of the Design & Architecture Department. Today Vasil leads a team of 12 architects and designers engaged in various international projects: climbing gyms, family entertainment centers, outdoor facilities, etc.
Vasil believes that architecture should reflect the values and culture of its inhabitants and surroundings. Moreover, his interests expand beyond architecture and include different design forms – from contemporary visual and performing arts to industrial design and design of climbing walls.