Competition Timeline

29 MAY Announcement of the first stage winners


The dessert. This is where we’ll meet with most of you, have a chance to share some thoughts on the contest, the idea behind the harmonized walls and the future of climbing. This is also when we’ll announce the winners. So, come back soon to save the date! Date & venue to be confirmed.

23 MAY Jury Committee Sessions


The most exciting part for us and may be the scariest for you. We’ll gather our jury members for a weekend at our headquarters in Sofia and we’ll look and discuss any entry that made it after the technical committee. Then we’ll select best from each category.

22 MAY Technical Committee Sessions


We doubt this is a surprise to you. We do have to make sure that what you’ve delivered matches our technical requirements. If not, unfortunately, we have to disqualify your entry. To prevent this, read the technical assignment you received via e-mail. More than once.

21 MAY Project Submission Deadline


We know this is hard work and we are also not a big fan of deadlines. But without deadlines everything will always stays “in progress mode” and nothing will be ever finished. So, plan accordingly please. No contest entry will be accepted after 4pm EET May 21st.

15 MAY Deadline for sending questions


Deadline for asking questions via email. Please note we will not answer your question after May 15th. Have a look at questions we’ve already answered here.

15 MAY Registration deadline


Deadline for participant registration via web form – May 15, 2015, 23:59 GMT+2. Please make sure to sign up for the contest here.

20 MARCH Contest launch date


Official launch of Walltopia’s open international design contest. We are excited!