We will be announcing the jury members one-at-a-time to keep you excited and motivated. Stay tuned!

Jason is a professional climber and artist who is know for his highball first ascents around the world, e.g. "Evolution" in Bishop, CA. His quest for the perfect line has led him on a path that intertwines climbing and art so they are one and the same.  Jason shares his vision with the climbing in

Jason Kehl

Professional climber, Artist

One of the most influential sports climbers, Dani Andrada started climbing at the age of 12 and it's been his ultimate passion ever since. His specialty is multi-pitch big wall sport climbing and putting up new routes. He is also the one who introduced Deep Water Soloing to the world of climbing, a

Dani Andrada

Professional climber

Chris Danielson is a professional routesetter and climbing wall consultant based in Boulder, Colorado.  The only IFSC International Chief Routesetter in North America, Chris has been routesetting for over 20 years, and has worked at over 50 National and International competitions...

Chris Danielson

Professional routesetter

With 20 years of experience in the indoor climbing industry and a masters degree in philosophy, Jeffery is currently the Marketing, IT and Business Development Manager at Touchstone climbing and fitness - the largest indoor rock climbing company in the world. Based in California he has led the desig

Jeffery Bowling

Touchstone Climbing Gym Development

Beat Kammerlander is one of world’s best rock climbers and has contributed a great deal to the development of the sport, particularly in the alpine world. He has ascended some of the most difficult routes and has many significant achievements in ice climbing and free soloing. Beat is an example of h

Beat Kammerlander

Professional climber

Jeff is President and co-founder of Momentum in Salt Lake City. Momentum has become a leader in indoor climbing through its commitment to advancing climbers of any level. Jeff leads this effort by working to create walls, programming and communities that foster individual progression.

Jeff Pedersen

President and co-founder of Momentum

Francois is the 1997 world champion and a well-known climber whose passion is to push the sport beyond its limits. Starting to compete at the age of 12, he grows up to set the standards in sport climbing by taking top places at events on European and global scale. Apart from his achievements as an a

Francois Petit

World Champion, Gym Owner

Pierre-Henri Paillasson has been onboard the French federation of mountain and climbing sports (FFME) since 1990 and for the last 17 years he is the general manager of the federation. Currently he is also the financial vice-president of IFSC. His name stands behind many prestigious climbing events a

Pierre-Henri Paillasson

General Manager of FFME

Chris is considered to be one of the best rock climbers in the world. His remarkable climbing ability, passion for discovering hard new routes, along with his peaceful and positive nature, make for a powerful blend of skills, culminating in first ascents of some of the toughest lines. Born in Santa

Chris Sharma

Professional climber, Walltopia athlete

Ivaylo is co-founder and global expansion leader of Walltopia Group. His result oriented inspiring management style and innovation-driven spirit are the reasons why Walltopia is the biggest climbing walls manufacturer in the world.

Ivaylo Penchev

GM and Co-Founder of Walltopia

Vasil joined Walltopia in 2012 as an architect and soon after was promoted to Head of the Design & Architecture Department. Today Vasil leads a team of 12 architects and designers engaged in various international projects: climbing gyms, family entertainment centers, outdoor facilities, etc.

Vasil Sharlanov

Head of Walltopia Design&Architecture