Harmonized System Contest Outcome

It took us a little while to announce the outcome of the Harmonized System Contest because, to be honest, we needed some more time to think about how to proceed.

The facts you know: an attractive prize pool, an outstanding crew for jury, over 270 people signed up, we extended the submission deadline to give more time to all 270 entrants to finish up their projects.

What happened is that in the end we received 19 entries in the boulder category and 24 in the high walls. Yes, out of 270 sign-ups, that’s all we got.

You’ve probably noticed that it is in our nature to strive for excellence and that’s why we were far from satisfied with these results.

Once the jury session started, it took us less than an hour, to figure out the problem. We had not realized how extremely complex the task is and that this complexity requires much more guidance.
We did want to reach out to the whole world and not limit the project within us, but truth is, the task was way more complicated than we first though.

Bottomline: as initially announced in the Contest Rules if the participants are less than 30, we can cancel the contest. Based on the fact most of the entries failed through the technical committee, our final decision is to claim the contest unsuccessful and cancel it. We are not going to use any of the projects, or parts of them, for the development of the Walltopia Harmonized System. All entries will be uploaded along with comments on them to support our decision.

After the crew of well-known climbers, prominent gym owners and highly experienced routesetters went through all the entries, the discussion turned into a giant brainstorming on how all these people see the Harmonized system concept. We talked about specific features, angles and shapes of the walls, numbers of modules and so on. Check out a short video from the jury days.

We’d like to express our gratitude to all jury members for taking part in the project and sharing their opinion and experience. It was an amazing opportunity for us to have the knowledge of all those outstanding people at hand and the result is that it gave us the perfect datum point of how to develop our concept in the most useful and productive way. Thank you!

Now it is all back in our hands. We’ll keep you updated!